Incredible Tips for Comparing and Selecting Between Dog Foods

Pet nutrition is an important and relevant topic for owners. With canines, you need to be extra careful with the primary food choices, because dogs are carnivores and must have their source of animal proteins. As a pet owner, you might have to think of many things before choosing dog food. We have enlisted a few pointers below that will come handy in selecting the right options.

Understand your pet

Every dog has its own nutritional requirements, which should be decided after consulting with an experienced vet. You have to understand the breed details, age, genetics and overall health concerns of your pooch before taking a call. Keep in mind that some dogs have a liking for certain brands, which is also an important consideration. Vets can explain the basic health concerns and whether your pet needs additional treats and supplements.

Dry vs. canned food

Both dry and canned food options have a few pros and cons. Wet food is great on hydration and is often preferred by older dogs. Also, these are easy to carry around, because you can find small travel-friendly pouches. However, wet food is expensive, and if you have two or more dogs at home, this might not be an economical choice. Secondly, wet food is not a great option for dental health. On the contrary, dry food is definitely cheaper and often has the right balance between different ingredients. You will find varied known options like Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food, which are good for most breeds. The only problem with dry food is the lack of hydration. It is important that your dog drinks enough water, especially if he is only on dry food.

Read the labels

When it comes to selecting dog food, nothing matters more than the ingredients. You have to check the list of inclusions in detail. Firstly, check the main source of protein, which should be either beef or check, and if possible, both. Avoid brands that sell food with ‘meat’ in the ingredients. Secondly, you have to check for grains, which are a great source of carbohydrates. Also, keep an eye for byproducts, which are hard to define, but shouldn’t be on the list anywhere in the first five ingredients.

If you are unsure of what to pick, you can find reviews of different brands on many leading websites. Do your research and don’t shy away from discussing things with your vet.