Children’s Birthday Party Tips

Have you just offered to host a birthday party for a young child in the under ten set? Whether you’re the dear friend or family member of the child’s parent or an engaged adult excited about sharing their upcoming birthday – hats off to you for offering to host!

The options for children’s birthday parties are truly only limited by your imagination. Take a word of caution about making parties too elaborate for small children. They are easily stimulated and the presence of clowns, ponies and a small circus can be very over whelming. Think more along the lines of a craft or scavenger hunt. Remind yourself that you’re out to please the small children, not the parents. It is strongly recommended to limit the guest list to age of the birthday child. If this is an 8th birthday celebration, invite no more than seven children, otherwise it can be too overwhelming for the birthday child. A party that lasts one and one half hours in duration is sufficient for the attention span of young children.

Enlist the birthday child in the selection of the theme for the party. This does not need to be elaborate. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the terrific assortment of paper goods and party favors available at The Disney Store.  Carry this theme over to your local grocery store bakery and order a cake to celebrate the occasion.

A craft or activity is appropriate for a young child’s birthday party.  The available interior and exterior space will play a role in determining which games and activities are most appropriate. All young children love piñatas and classic pin the tail on the donkey games or even modern versions of those classic games. Depending on the time of year, something as simple as running through the sprinkler in bathing suits can be great fun. Have a grand time making memories that will last a life time at your children’s birthday party! Be sure to take plenty of pictures.